Eva Angyal is a teacher, gardener, holistic health consultant with a long standing interest in holistic health, vibrational healing (Reiki)and dowsing. She is based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

As many others, she was drawn to the realm of naturopathy when she herself became ill a number of years ago.

Seeing her health improve rapidly, she decided to take courses in holistic nutrition. She studied with David Rowland, Hanna Kroeger and others.

Eva earned her R.N.C. (Registered Nutritional Consultant) certificate in 1987 and has worked with groups and individuals ever since as holistic nutritional consultant and Reiki practitioner. She is a member of the Canadian Dowsers’ Association.

Eva developed this manual in her search for a better assessment technique… one that goes beyond the limitations of questionnaires and/or interviews. She hopes that this manual will benefit both consultants and individuals.

Its intent is to guide others to self-knowledge and wellness in an entertaining and novel way.